Ambassador Samson Coulter for Surfrider Foundation


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“Surfing in the ocean every day, I feel a strong responsibility to preserve it as best I can.
Everyone can contribute by avoiding plastic goods and choosing biodegradable products that will not harm the ocean and its wildlife. Collectively a small effort can make a huge difference so I'm stoked to be part of such a great organisation." - Samson Coulter, 2017

A committed, passionate and highly talented aspringing professional surfer, he is well known on the world junior surfing stage. Just last year he competed at the ISA world games in Japan.

And now we are lucky enough to see him on a very different stage. He is one of the stars of ‘Breath’, Tim Winton’s novel, directed by Simon Baker. A newcomer to acting, Samson has been receiving glowing praise from critics for his performance. Talk about multi-talented!

From laid-back golden sands to glamorous red carpets Samson walks with a confidence, open-ness and generosity of spirit that defies his years.

We are so proud of him and his commitment to ocean preservation.

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