Ben Cook is an acclaimed portrait photographer in Sydney. He is known by friends, and by professionals in the industry, for his benevolent attitude, wanderlust, and idealism. His output is generous, as he truly wants to contribute something beneficial through his work. He has traveled the world, documenting cultures and sparking discussions about human nature, while also taking time to support worthy causes. He is probably best known for his work with Surfrider Foundation helping to protect the ocean alongside his work in Manila with Nike bridging basketball with impoverished children.

A great portrait can stir emotions deep inside of us. It can sum up a mood, environment, and sometimes an entire person’s being in a single photograph. The criteria for what makes a portrait “good or great” is subjective, but there are many photographers who are pushing the boundaries of this art. Ben Cook is one of those photographers.

His portraits capture emotions and history, sadness and hope, vulnerability and strength, truth and honesty.

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