Jack Gray music video / Warner Music / music video – created / directed / filmed / lifestyle stills / one day – 3 rolling cameras – Mix HMI cinema lighting and natural light..

#jackgraymusic #warnermusicaustralia


UnderCard Multimedia content video 

UnderCard #Real1 content interview





This is Holly Finney, @hollyfinney she’s a volunteer for Surfrider Foundation. I asked her why she joined .. 

"Surfrider isn’t just another marine conservation organization, it’s a community and a family to me. A collective of like minded people who not only engage real action, but also achieve results. Sometimes being an environmentalist isn’t easy, but I know with Surfrider I have a medium to tackle the issues I care about so deeply and a force of people to stand beside me. With all that said, I’m a part of Surfrider because I love the ocean. It’s my paradise, my teacher, my meditation. From the waves we surf to the coral reefs we explore, the ocean is my happy place, and I’ll dedicate my life to protecting it. The big blue covers 70% of our home. Without a healthy ocean we cannot have a healthy planet. It provides us clean air, food, medicine, and a stable climate. An ocean full of life is what makes earth so special. We have to protect it to protect humanity."

#surfriderfoundation #climateaction #marineconservation #surfrideraus #surfrider #savetheplanet 








Liverpool FC for New Balance

This is an outtake from a portrait shoot i did with@jimmyhalfcut.

Halfcut is a fundraising movement started with the purpose of buying up and protecting endangered rainforest. 100% of the money raised goes towards buying land with The Rainforest Trust.
Just $2.50 save an acre of rainforest for life.@rainforesttrust


on set in BKK for Nike 






"If we can be a positive disruption in everyday peoples lives to take action on deforestation, we are doing our job. We literally wear the issue on our face representing 50% of the world's forests gone and empower people with tangible outcomes to save the last remaining rainforests. We can always grow our beard and hair back but not our rainforests. We are the last generation to address the climate emergency, as stated by the UN. The idea of a sixth mass extinction due to human impacts on Earth is unacceptable. We are better than this we have to be better than this.” - Jimmy HalfCut

Halfcut is a fundraising movement started with the purpose of buying up and protecting endangered rainforest globally. 100% of the money raised goes towards buying actual land through a special partnership formed with The Rainforest Trust. @halfcut

Rohan - 

I went halfcut in the month of August to increase awareness around rainforest destruction. I felt people could afford to donate to this cause, given it costs less than a cup of coffee to save an acre of rainforest. I liked how Halfcut was linked to the Rainforest Trust who have a track record of not only conserving rainforest but regenerating the local flora and fauna. If JimmyHalfcut can mantain his halfcut for a year, I'm sure I can do it for a month. :)

I was fortunate enough to document muslim women in New Dehli recently.

For more than three weeks, thousands of Muslim women have protesting against a new Indian citizenship law.

The government will require Indians to submit documents proving their citizenship. Muslims without paperwork could be put into a detention centre or deported. #delhi#newdelhi#caaprotest#antimuslimlaw#shaheenbaghprotest

FLUX RAVE - Sydney based DIY music, arts & events collective. Not genre or artform exclusive - The goal of Flux is to be a conduit of creativity, & to create a hub for the creatives of Sydney.

Short creative projection film for Prema Salons - SYD 


Part of a creative social campaign for Anti Collective - SYD  @anti.collective - 120mm Portra 800 #pentax67

Backstage Seminar with Nick Irwin Hair 

Nike staged The Battleforce Manila x 5 on 5 hoops tournament at the Titan Love Court. I was fortunate enough to be asked to document it with my Pentax 6x7. #bbhsingapore#nike#hypercourt#filmisnotdead#manila#ilforddelta400#pentax67#battleforcemanila#hasselbladx5#drumscan#pixelperfectprinting

Nike celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Air Force 1 with an incredible Art/Rap/basketball event called Battleforce in Manila. - i was privileged to shoot it on my Pentax 6x7.


International energy company Equinor has been told to hand over more information on its environmental plan for drilling in the Great Australian Bight. They’ve been given another 60 days to provide more detail on its Bight oil drilling plans. Equinor’s oil spill modelling revealed that an oil spill from an uncontained blowout was guaranteed to impact the South Australian coast all the way up to Sydney. Oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight is so toxic.

@hellogoodsports#surfriderfoundation#surfriderfoundationaustralia#fightforthebight@equinor#pentax6x7#hasselbladx5#ilforddelta400#drumscan#pixelperfectprinting. Thanks for the scan @pixelperfectprolab#mediumformat

"The ocean means a lot to me if you think about all life came from the ocean. We should protect the ocean because it takes up over 70 percent of the earth and so many people depend on it. The issues that i think are the biggest would have to be the deep sea drilling and the overall pollution with plastics and rubbish that people seem to just dump in it, both these issues have had serious impact on marine life and it's just ruining the ocean for everyone”. Mark Rooney @mrooney1994


This is Layne Beachley, At the age of 16 she became a professional surfer. By the age of 20 she was ranked sixth in the world. Beachley became the Women's ASP World Champion in 1998, and won the title again in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. She is the only woman in history to gain 8 World Championships, and only surfer, male or female to win six consecutive world titles.

"Right now the most important issue for me is fighting for our Great Australian Bight. The damage that Equinors drilling will have towards habitats and wildlife is unexplainable. As well as the devastation an oil spill would create is far too major for us to ignore, especially when itʼs bigenough to wipe away the majority of Australiaʼs coastline. But the other ever constant issue that we need to take more action over is our use & production of plastics and how the only place they are landing up is the ocean. The worst thing to see is going out for a surf in one of lifeʼs most pristine creations, only to paddle our hand into some form of plastic bag. When the big swell hits, what washes up on the shorelines the most? Plastic. And itʼs only gonna get carried/blown back out. Weʼve only scratched the surface when it comes to tackling this issue, we need to do more, and we can do more.” - Megan Albagly@meganalbagly


“The ocean to me is the most beautiful part of our planet, it is a whole other world that exists underneath us. It offers so much to us, it calms and cools us in the heat, its a playground for surfers and swimmers, it feeds us and brings us together socially. I think the biggest threat to it is pollution, Plastic, chemical waste and air pollution all contribute to the destruction of marine life and it’s delicate ecosystems, as well as global warming, which plays a huge role in killing and bleaching coral reefs. I think it’s so important for us to protect it as we are the only ones who can look after it and the only ones who are responsible for its destruction. We need to make a changes so it can be enjoyed and preserved for generations to come”.@riva_thomsonfor@surfrider@surfrideraus@surfrider_op@hellogoodsports#fightforthebight@equinor#pentax67#hasselbladx5#ilforddelta400#drumscan#pixelperfectprinting.. thanks for the scan@pixelperfectprolab#riva_thomson

Instagramstar @yellabambi.

Shot with her boyfriend and flatmate in her apartment at Stetham Common. Ldn

#leicaminilux #portraNC400

CELTIC FC for New Balance

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit the Tenement recently on a job for Nike in Manila.
Some friends of mine have been supporting the Tenement basketball programs and i managed to take a portrait of a player with my Pentax67. Helping everyone make a difference.

This is Mr Eddie Barbuena, he’s the head trainer / team leader / coach of the Tenement basketball team. He holds basketball / streetball clinics for the youth and champion for the tenement residents. He show’d me about and helped me capture something personal to bring back in my film bag. He said to me " Sometimes It only takes one person to change your life, One to be there for you to push you to believe you. If u don't see yourself as valuable then no one else will . “


Local ball players at the Ususan Court in Taguig - the Kobe Bryant Nike HyperCourt. First ever on court digital experience designed to inspire ballers to take their game to the next level. I was lucky enough to bring my Pentax 6x7. @pinoyhoops@hellogoodsports @iammikeswift#bbhsingapore #nike #hypercourt#filmisnotdead #manila #ususan#tmax400 #taguig #pentax67

Nike BattleForce Event ANIMATION VIDEO 

Production_Samantha Dalton, Black Sheep Live 


Nike BattleForce Event Manila - PLAYBOOK

Production_Samantha Dalton, Black Sheep Live 

Manila Tenement Portraits -Local Philippine community.

120mm film. Pentax 6x7


1978 PENTAX 6X7

Lens Check - 16mm


ANTI COLLECTIVE afterparty - Leica mini lux 35mm - Kodak 3200 TMAX 

Anti Collective Campaign. 

'We don’t want over retouched ideas of what’s beautiful, we are alive on the streets and that’s where the true beauty lies.'

Benny’s pony walk - Jack Gray vid for Warner - #myhands #21mmzeiss #followfocus #nikond810 #fieldmonitor #woodencamera #manfrotto

on Set for IBM. Billboard and online media. Shanghai

Prodution_ PurpleLab

Agency_ Ogilvy Singapore and China 

content video - Rosie Deacon - FACEBOOK AIR PROGRAM

Rosie Deacon Artist for Facebook AIR - ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAM 

Rosie Deacon’s colorful installation is more than just a celebration of Australia's unique wildlife. Her work builds upon large-scale, fictional topographies, filled with hand-made animal sculptures. Engaging with both natural and manmade realms, Rosie explores our notions of community and placemaking, and all the shades of humanity in between.

Lisa Sammut Artist  for Facebook Artist in Residence Program -

Nadeena Dixon is a Wiradjuri ,Yuin & Gadigal ( Dharug -Boorongberigal clan ) Indigenous Multi disciplinary Artist ,

Her practice encompasses Print Making ,Multi Platform Production including Photography,animation,video,editing ,sound, and webpage design and integration.

She is recognised as a Master Weaver in Indigenous Cultural Traditions ,her cultural practices include dance, song,language,songwrting,contemporary theatre storytelling ,and contemporary ceremony,She is an experienced guitarist ,singer and performance artist.

Sydney from Barangaroo 

JP Jones Artist -

JP Jones is an international contemporary artist and acclaimed musician, whose work has taken him all around the world. With a career spanning twenty years, Jones’s career in music has seen him tour the world with the likes of Chrissie Hynde, Lucinda Williams and Guns N’ Roses, whilst his art has been exhibited in London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Chicago.


On Set shooting for JP Jones - artist, painter, musician, songwriter, all round talented goodfella

2 days in Cape Town #35mmfilm #leicaminilux #kodakportra160



London Punk 

British Activist 

I loved shooting her for @stevieenglish. Used a little Nikon and a small on camera flash. MKP @tplucke#matrix#bondultim8#socolorcult#excellentedges#glampalm#ecoheads#anticollective


TIGI Collection for Unilever UK - 35mm film - #kodakportra400 #contaxg2 @mrsstaceyirwin

backstage on a shoot with @stevieenglish. Shooting for #expo awards AUS'18. 

TIGI Collection for Unilever UK - 35mm film - #kodakportra400

@stevieenglish AHFA finalist

@nadlizv for @stevieenglish#hairexpo with my little Nikon and speedlight. colour @stevieenglish

This is a great way to shoot great content with limited time & budget. Simple, modern, cool. All you need is a great team, an idea and a white paper backdrop. If you’re interested in trying something new, shooting awards or pushing your brand to the next level, this could be a solution !

Backstage Fameteam UK _ HairExpo _ MainStage Nick Irwin - Anti Collective

Two nights in Paris / Sleazenation magazine UK / 

35mm film  #kodakportra400 #leicaminilux

#myhands @warnermusicaustralia @jackgraymusic #musicvideo

Backstage on Jack Gray Music Video for Warner Music AUS 

Hasselblad 503 with rare 30mm fisheye



Spanish Guns

cool little content video and stills for Babylis. Backstage at EXPO following the UK Fameteam to the GENNEXT show infront of 2000 people. I shot 2340 frames over that weekend and created this small journalistic video from them. The video footage wasn't even used ! ! #babylispro

Mentor Nick Irwin backstage at Melbourne EXPO for the UK Fameteam #nickirwinhair

Queen Elisabeth II

Notting Hill Carnival- UK - 120mm Film - 645 Mamiya  AFD medium format camera- 35mm Schneider lens / The images have more authenticity as ungraded or retouched. #120mm #kodakektachrome

Hyde Park


Content video for

Surfrider Foundation 

SURFRIDER FOUNDATION - OCEAN SWIMMER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN - ONGOING / shot at Icebergs Swimming Pool @ Bondi Beach with a small portable backdrop and a hand held silver beauty dish.  

BONDI ICEBERG BOTTOMS PROJECT _Bondi Icebergs Sydney / Social Media Campaign / Stop using single use plastic.

BONDI ICEBERG BOTTOMS PROJECT _Bondi Icebergs Sydney / Social Media Campaign / Stop using single use plastic.

@shaunmmcgrath makes wigs. This wig was made from cigarette butts collected from Maroubra beach as a response to pollution on our coastlines. #shaunmmcgrath

Content video for

Surfrider Foundation / Maev Kerri-Fitspatrick – Competitive Olympic long distance ocean swimmer / Bondi Icebergs Sydney / Social Media Campaign / Stop using single use plastic.

+ portraits of 40 Ocean Swimmers / Video / stills / half day / direct sunlight / hand held battery operated flash / silver beauty dish / portable backdrop /

on Set for IBM. Billboard and online media. Shanghai 

Prodution_ PurpleLab

Agency_ Ogilvy Singapore and China 

Little mobile didge rig on Jack Gray’s music video for Warner #21mmzeiss #followfocus #nikond810 #fieldmonitor #woodencamera #manfrotto

Stan Smith 

Vans BMX Pro Cup - 40 riders were narrowed down to 20 who went head to head for the Pro Cup title. In the end it was Larry Edgar who out-blasted and outmaneuvered his competition, but everyone smashed it. Congrats to Larry, Sergio, and Alex Hiam for taking the 1, 2, 3.

#AlexHiam #LarryEdgar #SergioLayos #Vans #VansBMXProCup #VansProCup2018 #VansProCupAustralia #VansProCupSydney

This is Paul Thoelen @paulthoelen @wethepeoplebmx @040BMXpark @reelljeans - He came 20th in the finals with 76.25. Part of a series from the Vans Pro Cup Series in Sydney - 40 riders went head to head for the title. Smashed it ! #redbullbesttrick #Vans #vansbmxprocup #vansprocup #vansprocupsydney #vansbmx66 #redbullbmx #ridebmx #ridebmxmag

This is Jason Watts @wattzup #wattzup - He won Red Bull best trick with his no handler to nose manual in the Red Bull extension. Part of a series from the Vans Pro Cup Series in Sydney - 40 riders went head to head for the title. #redbullbesttrick #Vans #vansbmxprocup #vansprocup #vansprocupsydney #vansbmx66 #redbullbmx #ridebmx #ridebmxmag

#vans #portobellopr

3 days in Miami - 35mm leica minilux / film / Delano / TIGI /

CD_Nick Irwin 

Bondi Bather Campaign


Producer_ Angie Geranio

Bondi Beach, Sydney, AUS

model_ #sharneegates#bondibather

@yellabambi . 

Ian Brown is an English musician. He was the lead singer of the the Stone Roses from their formation in 1983. Following the split in 1996, he began a solo career, releasing six studio albums, a greatest hits compilation, a remix album and 17 singles. He also worked with James Lavelle on UNKLE with Richard File. These were images from the music video. 

#ianbrown #jameslavelle #richardfile #mowax

Richard "Rich" File is a composer and music producer, best known for his work with James Lavelle as part of Unkle. He has also released singles under the alias Forme. 

OFX / SONY MUSIC Paris / Official Press images / 35 mm film #400kodakportra35mm

YouthWorx Collection for Australian Hair Commission. Supporting the youth of Australia. Finalist EXPO Hair awards and campaign. #richardkavanagh mentor. #youthworxahc 

Snakes & Snipers Campaign. Protect & Resurrect is a revolution in tattoo skin care developed to refresh and revitalise your old tattoos, while protecting new tattoos.

More than a moisturiser, Protect & Resurrect is a tattoo cream containing our unique cosmetic peptide, which helps relax and smooth your skin, restoring its elasticity, and sharpens the appearance of your tattoo.

Created from ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients including Macadamia nut oil, Pine oil polymers, and Jojoba oil. Suitable for all skin types, Protect & Resurrect is Australian owned and made to be the best tattoo aftercare product on the market today.

Protect & Resurrect by Snakes & Snipers is simply the best cream for tattoos.


Anti Collective Campaign -

‘A socially aware Hair styling brand that empowers creativity '. To be Anti everything that you know to do creatively . 


Ozzie Wright / WATEGOES BAY / Surfrider Foundation



NO to fish farms on King Island.
This is clearly one of the most beautiful and pristine parts of the world.
Please help fight for Martha's as part of Surfrider foundations endangered waves programme.

#longlivemarthas #savemarthalavinia #endangeredwaves #surfrideraus #surfrider #saveourwave #kingisland

content video - King island - Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation / Barton Lynch World Champion Surfer 1988 & 1991 / Avid protector of our ocean and actively protesting against a possible Salmon Farm that will negatively impact the quality of the

Martha Lavinia surf break on King Island. / video and stills content 

I was recently in King Island, Tasmania with @supermarkart& @hellogoodsports & @surfrideraus Surfrider Foundation. We met with the local community to hear their views on the proposed @tassalsalmon Tasmanian Salmon fish farms threatening Martha Lavinia Beach's surf break.


Please help @surfrideraus stop @tassalsalmon & say NO to large scale fish farming on King Island.

Please sign the petition:

Craig Macintyre - Surfrider Foundation helping the locals against Tassal Salmon on King Island

BARTON LYNCH _ In 1988, he was crowned ASP World Tour Champion. He also won the 1991 Rip Curl Pro. In 1998, he was inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, and in 2000, he was inducted into the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame. 

"The ocean means a lot to me. It makes me happy, it is like a second home to me. I love the surf it provides obviously but it is more than that. When I am in it or near it I feel at home. It is everyone’s home. If we trash it, we have no other home to go to. If we don’t all take action then our ocean will be a rubbish dump and who wants to live in rubbish? Humans have created a big problem with plastic and so it is up to us to find solutions. Anyone, anywhere can get involved with Surfrider and help our planet." - Winter Vincent, Manly

Meet Samson Coulter - Surfrider Ambassador with talent. A pro-surfer, & now actor. He is one of the stars of ‘Breath’, Tim Winton’s novel, directed by Simon Baker. Samson has been receiving glowing praise from critics for his performance. GWAN SAMSON !

Pacha Light for Surfrider Foundation @pachalight 

Shaun McGrath Avent Guard Collection 


Avant Guard WINNER ! AHFA18_ 6 images in the collection

for Stevie English Salon #AHFA18

Anti Collective Campaign.

'We don’t want over retouched ideas of what’s beautiful, we are alive on the streets and that’s where the true beauty lies.'




Part of an ocean awareness campaign for @surfrideraus with Scott McClelland @supermarkart



Surfrider is dedicated to protecting the ocean, waves and beaches. Please keep the oceans clean and healthy, and please stop using single use plastic and make a difference. Come to the exhibition at the Loan Goat Byron Bay from the 1st December. 


Surfrider Foundation AUS_ 'Long Live The Rider' Campaign _ An environmental conservation organisation protecting our beaches and shorelines. CD_ Scott Mcclelland


Surfrider Foundation Australia. Portraits of over 400 families as they came out of the ocean. None of which had been professionally photographed.

I shot this series on a beach and a small portable mobile backdrop, a small battery operated studio flash with an umbrella.

Barton Lynch for Surfrider 


Watagos Beach