DELHI & The Ladies Of ...

In-between projects, I managed to pass through Delhi for a few days while attending a friends wedding. I explored a few muslim markets and see how far I could go in without getting into trouble.

Even though in part, it felt dangerous at the time, It was the most peaceful photo documentary holiday I have taken.

I used only one prime lens, took the extra battery pack off my Nikon and spent two days inspired and in awe of this wonderful vibrant city.

I was fortunate enough to document muslim women in New Dehli recently.

For more than three weeks, thousands of Muslim women have protesting against a new Indian citizenship law.

The government will require Indians to submit documents proving their citizenship. Muslims without paperwork could be put into a detention centre or deported. #delhi #newdelhi#caaprotests #antimuslimlaw#shaheenbaghprotest

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